February 12

This is Lincoln’s birthday, and Darwin’s, too.

I am in Houston, where I had my hair cut at Michael Lyndon. Then I went to the Ménil Collection, including the Rothko Chapel, the Byzantine Chapel, and the Cy Twombley Gallery.  These last two truly amazed me, and I had not been to them before. In the main museum I had forgotten how good the Surrealist collection is, and that there is a whole room of African and Asian art, and also odd turn of the century curiosities, owned by the Surrealists. And there is a great deal else, all very much worthwhile.

At the Ménil Bookstore I saw in person a copy of Robert Duncan’s new book (The H.D. Book), and discovered that there is a gallery on Branard that has an exhibit called The Museum of Eterna. This must be a reference to a novel, not terribly well known, by Macedonio Fernández; that fascinates me.

I had lunch at Brasil, in the Montrose, which is not Brazilian; then I became fascinated with mid century modern antiques on Westheimer. Now I am at Agora, just across the way. I have read the papers; I am about to start studying.

In honor of this pleasant day we are reproducing a post from Dr. Curmudgeon:

Remember that without unions and laborers, you’d likely have been working 80 hour weeks since you were children for scrip. And don’t forget that there are people who still are working those long weeks as children for scrip.


4 thoughts on “February 12

    1. It was fun! And on the way home I took a detour down to the Gulf, and walked on the beach for a few minutes in the sun. Between the Byzantine mosaics and the Etruscan faces in the museum, I am dreaming of the Eastern Mediterranean. But it was interesting hanging out in Houston in the dry sun — sort of like Berkeley/Oakland, sort of like Los Angeles.
      And I’m reconverted to modern architecture now.

  1. Gotcha!

    Very interesting place, Houston. Of course I had it in a deluxe version, going to all those places and seeing all that art. But it reminds me of Berkeley, Oakland, and Los Angeles, all mixed together somehow.

    (I had a perfect time and I am now amazingly relaxed and renewed.)

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