On Bicycles

There is actual broccoli growing on my broccoli plants, and I am very impressed.  I also appear to have taken two days off. I took most of two days off last weekend, too, but it was for travel and excitement. These two days I:

• slept until 10 AM
• worked three hours in the studio
• went to the dentist
• shopped briefly and successfully for groceries and clothes
• went to a party
• shopped briefly and unsuccessfully for bicycles and cameras
• went out to see a band
• picked up vegetables from the co-op
• negotiated with house painters
• cleaned house.

Now I will have dinner and then study. What I would like to do, however, is go on an evening hike, in summer, in one of those Northern countries where it is light late. We could hike to the top of some rise, and have dinner in a mountain lodge before coming down, don’t you think? If we hiked up an Alp, we could stay in this hut near the Jungfraujoch:


2 thoughts on “On Bicycles

  1. Maybe NZ then! I want that Northern air, it’s much more exotic for me than SA … and SA’s another mood.

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