An Illumination on Robert Boice, 7

If I accomplished something, it must have taken too much time. If I am planning something, I must be planning to take too much time. If I am doing something, I must be going too slowly.

I feel guilty about time, or fearful. But really, the key to everything is to give yourself enough time, not too little. That is not “procrastination,” although I was taught it was. This is very important.


But I feel I have finally discovered a good use of Boice today, as his advice is helping me organize mundane work.

This only shows, though, why I am uneasy about him as a writing guide — despite agreeing with a number of his practical suggestions. At bottom I feel he approaches writing as an unpleasant chore, that one can accomplish cheerfully. This is how I feel about some things, but not about that.


3 thoughts on “An Illumination on Robert Boice, 7

  1. Or. Is my whole issue just some strange adolescent rebellion trip, or some form of acting out against Reeducation, or to what *extent* could that be true?

    And what would I be rebelling against? Warnings, carefulness, safety. Against achievement undertaken just to satisfy others. Against conventionality?

    (I think I have to figure out what I am trying to accomplish in weak ways and find better ways to do it.)

  2. I know. But I think that what I rebel against is … alcoholism?

    Tell me not to teach well and to write fast, and I will hear that Emeritus Professor well into his cups and say … I will not grow up to be that man.

    My problem with that is, I am not thrilled about “teaching” (I do love to discuss ideas with people) and I love research.

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