On Working

I only recently learned in an overt way that it is legitimate to put work and also your own life first, and to question and perhaps refuse activities and obligations that affect these negatively. Before Reeducation I knew this instinctively, but then I learned that Reeducation itself expected to take first priority.

Doing well at work, excelling, making progress, was all “overfunctioning” and must be shed if one were to learn who one really was. This was very destructive and I also disagree with it in a more general way.

I had received this message before, though, and that is why it finally got in when I heard it in professional settings. Your views, your interests, your life, must come last, fit in around the edges of and in the corners, and of anything you must take only the bare minimum needed for basic survival. I think this is a gender issue in large part.


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