I would rather be running Linux and using LaTex, and I would like it if Open Office worked better for me than it does. But I am running Windows 7 and XP, and I am unlikely to be in a position to change this in the near future.

In the university we have Microsoft Word, which I am not willing to buy myself. Given the problems with Open Office — I do not find it to be good for foreign languages unless you also have a foreign keyboard, and I do not find that it is as compatible with Microsoft Word as is purported — I have basically decided to acquire WordPerfect.  My questions are:

♦ standard version, or professional version? (I do not trust student/home, or should I? and the difference in price between standard and professional is $150 which is not negligible)

♦ how many computers will they let you put WordPerfect on? Could I put it on one, and then put it on the computer I hope to buy in 2012?

♦ do you have any other suggestions, comments, advice?



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8 responses to “WordPerfect

  1. Stringer Bell

    If you like working with LaTex documents but don’t have Linux running, why not give Lyx a shot? It’s free, simple to use, and produces great LaTex code. Obviously you can import and edit LaTex documents into Lyx and vice versa.


  2. Z

    Thanks for reminding me about Lyx, I’d forgotten! I don’t actually use LaTex, it’s a fantasy. I was going to become a Lyx person and then forgot. I’ve got it extracting now and will try to play with it on the weekend but here’s why I forgot: everyone else is so addicted to MS Word. How’s the compatibility, do you have experience with this? Reiterated thanks…

  3. Stringer Bell

    Don’t forget http://www.lyx.org/AdditionalSoftware

    It’s a pain to install all this in the beginning but I think the payoff is worth it. The features page says it’s compatible with MS Word but I haven’t tried that. Almost every conference and journal in my field mandates MS Word so that’s what I’ve used. I’ve only installed MikTex and Lyx for editing the LaTex papers/theses of my non-native-english-speaking friends in other departments. It worked great.

    http://wiki.lyx.org/FAQ/ImportExport says it is possible but it isn’t exactly a walk in the park. From what I know, you’re a professor of Spanish so I’m guessing your papers contain mostly text and pictures but not a lot of mathematical equations. In that case the conversions from Lyx to Word and back shouldn’t be as difficult. If you’re working with a lot of math equations I think it will get problematic.

    • Z

      It seems I’d have to customize for foreign languages and I am not sure how that would convert. All the journals tell us MSW too, but apparently with WP you can convert truly easily (which you can’t, really, from OO no matter what they say). I’d love to be a LaTex person. THANKS!!! for these 2 latest links!!!

      • Stringer Bell

        Ignore the first link. It seems you don’t need to install any other software if you’re installing Lyx from their site. Relevant quote: “If you use the installers/packages for Windows, Mac OS X or Linux, the required software will be installed automatically.”

        Documents made from LaTex look truly amazing. Good luck with this and let us know how it works out.

  4. So you know anyone who can get them for you cheap, like someone who works at Microsoft?

    I think Windows 7 is just fine.

  5. Z

    I don’t want MS Word, I want an alternative. I wish I did know someone who worked at Corel (the WP company)! Until I have the patience to find out more about Lyx I won’t know whether it will work as a full on substitute. But it is very attractive and it works on Windows 7 and other systems too.

  6. Z

    @Stringer, thanks for that last! I’ll play with it this weekend. Maybe I can avoid buying anything. If I can program it so I can write accent marks with keystrokes on a laptop, I’ll be thrilled.

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