Clifton Chenier

This is Clifton, 25/VI/1925 – 12/XII/1987. Here is another great video with short explanations of the music, partly by Clifton himself: “I’m from New Orleans, I’m a Frenchman….”

Finally, for people interested in the dance, here is a good clip from one of the festivals I have never been to, but promise to attend next year.


2 thoughts on “Clifton Chenier

  1. I just love these music posts of yours — I keep meaning to say so. I know you rarely sing the praises of Louisiana but oh my, the music is extraordinary. You’d have to lack a soul to keep from dancing.

  2. Well, that encourages me to do more of them and also to get out more! 🙂 I am unable to tolerate the quality of music in the rest of the US after living here.

    LA has its own musics, languages, and cuisines, and it’s like a foreign country … I’d have liked to visit around the time of Kate Chopin.

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