False Economies

No matter how well others may do it, or how much they may save thereby, I should never paint, stain, or dye anything in a house. Whenever I do, even if I do it right, I make an error that cannot be repaired by me and that will cost more to have repaired than it would have done simply to hire out the job I was attempting to save by doing myself.

This has just happened, again.


8 thoughts on “False Economies

  1. You’re right!. For more than one year, I was trying to save money cleaning the house myself. I kept cleaning and cleaning and never found the house OK. One day my dad said: Why don’t you hire someone to come once a week a do a proper job?. I did and never regretted it. The kitchen is almost always nice, so much so that I greet my kitchen every morning and praise it for how clean and nice it keeps itself!!!. I’ve learn to talk “non-living” beings…
    madness, crazyness, gratefulness………whatever… but getting help from others always helps, isn’it?

  2. For me it is bulk fresh vegetables. On the face buying this way is cheaper. But if it is not already chopped/rinsed, it decreases the likelihood of my ever cooking them by at least fifty percent. So I end up with mounds of mushy rotting veg that I end up having to throw out. It wastes money and perfectly good food.

  3. Hear, hear…same here. I think, however, that since I’m not American, I don’t feel compelled to try to DIY everything. In fact, I can’t do manual work to save my life, and I’ve already accepted it.

    @la redactora: I came to the same conclusion. Now, I’ll rather buy the overpriced already chopped veggies, that in bulk. My grocery store bill may be more expensive, but since I eat what I buy, it balances it out.

  4. I’m also big on dry cleaning.

    And I just tried to wash a nice dress in a nice clean tub (although it is not my tub). I found out the hard way that there was bleach residue in there.

    The dry cleaner would have been cheaper.

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