TS Arlene

Our Mayan ancestors, says the Popul Vuh – that sacred text of which this weblog is but a performance – were all great sacrificers and penitents.  “Sacrifice and penitence are not for mortals, but for the gods,” says one of my old post-it notes, and I would like to reaffirm this right now. “Everything I do gon’ be funky from now on,” said Twisty at one point. Today I announced the same, publicly and in person, and I am sticking to it.

In news, the storms have started. TS Arlene is dissipating in central Mexico and the rain we are experiencing may or may not be related to it. Some more tenured faculty in Louisiana have been dismissed due to program reduction, and we are unsure whether we will have Interlibrary Loan or JSTOR next year. Assistant professors are on the market, and I saw an ad inviting adjuncts to teach courses, for college credit, on the use of Microsoft Word.

Somehow it is this last bit of news which, to me, seems the most emblematic of the current situation. In addition to everything else one can say I ask: could we not at least teach them to use one Microsoft alternative? Nonetheless I repeat: sacrifice and penitence are for the gods, not for mortals, and everything I do gon be funky from now on.


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