Rough Underbelly

Police issued arrest warrants for the two for their roles in a bar fight Aug. 19 at Shady’s bar. BRPD contacted LSU Coach Les Miles and the players’ attorney, Nathan Fisher, to request the players turn themselves in, which they did at 10:15 a.m. at the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison.”

Various people were quoted talking about how traumatic it was for the football players, who apparently kicked someone in the face and sent four to the hospital in this bar fight, to be “accused.”


I’ve missed studio time and workout time and I am going to miss two interesting extracurricular events, all because I am flashing back too much to be a reliable driver. The content of these flashbacks appears to suggest that if I could be forgiven for having done the PhD, then the pain of having a professor job, namely a job caring for the fractious and the weak, might end.

I have talked about this before and I know it is irrational. But I want to be forgiven for having done the PhD so that I can actually graduate. (At one point I had actually graduated but it turned out to have been a crime or sin.)


How was your summer? I asked the students. Depressing, said one. Why? Because I live in a small town. Boring, said the next. Why? Because I live in a small town. Why do you not like that? The self-loathing and the domestic violence all pitch and heave together, ze said, and it is worse when it is hot.


One thought on “Rough Underbelly

  1. “a job caring for the fractious and the weak”

    I think that really is the issue. If it weren’t for having to keep so many people and systems on life support, and deal with all these powerful people who are so passive aggressive, I could handle it more.

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