Numa sala de jantar domingueira, lendo jornal…

Not From the Tourist Board

Student: There is a very dark side to that famous Cajun joie de vivre and all the other forms of insistence that Louisiana is a happy place.
Professor Zero: The poverty, the political hierarchies, and the colonial social and economic structure?
Student: Those things, yes, but also the domestic violence, the self loathing, and the general emotional pain.

Advice to New Faculty

Once again, new ones are reaching out and their strategies are varied. You can guess which is my favorite.
A: Let us have lunch to commiserate about the teaching overloads we have this semester.
B: I do not know how the work is being divided up for Important Committee X, but I had some ideas for our text and I wrote them down. I sent you e-mail with an .rtf attached. Please feel free to cut and paste it as you see fit.

Mestizo Music from the Fess


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