Resisting Juan María Bordaberry

This film looks excellent. I found it, of course, while looking for something else, and it reminded me of one of the many ironies of life.

There were long term Uruguayan exchange students at my high school. They had left before the 1973 coup but by the time they went home, the military had been installed. After a while they stopped writing and their host families got worried about them, convinced they had been disappeared. They wrote inquiring, to no avail.

Finally it was decided I should write in Spanish. I wrote imploring that they respond. You must realize what is being said of events there world wide, I said. People are very concerned about you, as you are in precisely the right demographic to have been arrested.

I did get responses; we were not to worry at all. They were just fine, they were military officers, they had just gotten married, they had houses of their own now, their families were growing. This was quite illuminating.


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