Still working…

…at this late hour. My good humor is starting to fail after almost a whole semester of truly having no time outside work. In addition to everything else planned and unplanned this semester, I have now been instrumental in the creation of 1 new major program, 2 new graduate certificates, and 1 new study abroad program. However, I do not have anything like what I would call a normal life and I am not keeping everything all together — and no, it is not a problem of Time Management, it is a problem of Overwork.

Speaking of which, I have very good reason not to think this series of posts is from a crowd of people who do not do anything in real life to address the problems they perceive and discuss. Remember, you have to assess situations, then make plans.

Meanwhile Occupy Wall Street is said not to have a plan, but they have organized more people than I have. I have one Actually Occupying friend (who does work during the day, college educated, white collar, in a very high rent town) and he says by Facebook: ♦ it is political by its very nature ♦ it is a nascent movement ♦ did the Civil Rights movement have a President? ♦ and a few more things like that.

Finally, one of my students has an identical twin. If I had one, maybe she would Occupy my house and office and do the things I am not, because I need every hour to be a waking hour and no, my schedule was not designed by me. And yes, I did suggest we just not teach these extra classes.


3 thoughts on “Still working…

  1. Yes, amazing how people get so well organized and coordinated to claim our rights. Two days ago, I witnessed a huge crowd of young people at Piazza del Popolo in Rome (Italy) chanting…

    E sento crescere la voglia, la pazzia,
    l’incoscienza, l’allegria

    It was a truly inviting chorus !.

  2. People do seem to object to having no future. Best to Italians, who deserve much better than they are getting.

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