Edur Velasco

A Mexican professor of U.S. labor history is on a hunger strike to bring attention to inequality in Mexico. The Mexican minimum wage is $.40 per hour. He discusses Occupy as an educational movement. “Ser cultos para ser libres.”


One thought on “Edur Velasco

  1. And, I’m in Houston now. Sitting in a cafe reading the Free Press I came upon an full page ad for Occupy Houston and was thrilled – it hadn’t occurred to me yet that I’d be visiting a city that actually had an Occupy camp and a paper that would publish and ad like that for it. Official papers say it is a small, intermittent, rag tag camp; I haven’t figured out yet if it is 24/7 or what time is the best time to catch it, etc. (it’s having a strategy meeting at the public library tomorrow at 2 PM) and I don’t know whether I’m going to the museums, or grade in cafes, or go check it out tomorrow — but I was thrilled to see the ad so yes, I’m a fellow traveler, what can I say.

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