More on the mystery of Hispanic men

What is the mechanism whereby people cannot stand things?

Two of my colleagues have complained so much this semester that I, pushed to the wall with exasperation, have told them they seem so miserable, they really ought to go on the market and see whether they can find situations that suit them better.

Now at Thanksgiving there were many more of these junior faculty types, of whom one was on the same tear as my colleagues. I, again pushed to the wall after being persecuted from room to room for several hours with complaints about life, people, his university, the country and the region, told him the same thing as I have told them.

I am trying to distinguish what it is that ties those who cannot handle things together. They all seem to have some sort of arrested development – talking to them is like talking to a person who is half teenaged boy and half little old lady.

The whole thing seems to be some kind of play to bring others down. Señoritos I suppose, but that does not go far enough to explain it, since many señoritos do not act this way. Can anyone explain the mechanism – the class or familial or other elements that go into this?

I have the impression that they truly believe this behavior is the way to make friends.


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