Les questions du dimanche

1- So is this why people suggest Occupy is anti-voting/anti electoral/etc.: it is not part of the Democratic Party and even opposes the said party? Quoting from the piece I just linked to:

Democrats need to derail and co-opt the Occupy Movement because it calls attention to what’s really happening. The American people need a real jobs bill, not one that is merely a political tactic for an election year. We also need a truly progressive tax system—one that taxes wealth more and workers less. The poorest Americans pay taxes on necessities like food and clothing, so why is it that neither party urges a tax on the purchase of stocks, bonds and derivatives—a tax that could raise $800 billion over a decade? And finally, we need an end to the wars and militarism maintained and expanded by both parties, bringing huge profits to the arms industry and immense suffering to millions.

The Occupy Movement is not part of either corporate-dominated party and Van Jones is not our leader. It is corporate rule we oppose. The Obama administration and the Democrats as well as the Republicans maintain the rule of Wall Street. Occupiers have organized an independent movement that challenges the rule of the 1% and their Republican and Democratic lackeys. Bought and paid for with millions of dollars from Wall Street, the health insurance industry and big energy interests, Obama and the Democrats are part of the problem, not the solution.

Is it that last sentence that offends people?

2- Can we all read this book on the Agrarian Revolt of the late 19th century?

3- Are you fully aware that the legalization of indefinite military detention, possibly for U.S. citizens as well, is being voted on in the United States Senate Monday … and that some say it is so they can detain Occupiers in this manner?


4 thoughts on “Les questions du dimanche

  1. It’s interesting to note that the book on the Agrarian revolt doesn’t mention anything about the fact that the largest single group of Americans (in actual numbers, not percentage of the population) to move to Canada was in essence the populist members during the time period analyzed. No reference even in the index. Here`s a video that explains some of this story. I might add that the NDP is the current opposition in the Canadian parliament.

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