An offensive post: recipe for a white Hispanic man. Yes, this is sterotyping and discrimination, well deserved.

Ingredients for 1 white Hispanic man, 45 years of age:

1 fussy lady, 75 years of age
1 fractious adolescent male, 12-17 years of age
1 mold, man size and shape


Put both ingredients in blender; blend until the mixture is even and smooth. Pour into mold; bake until done. As soon as he cools and stands up, the white Hispanic man will demand a great deal of care and will also initiate a great deal of high school style intrigue.

Take quinine and wear a body condom, because this creature will do whatever he can to force you into a maternal role.


10 thoughts on “An offensive post: recipe for a white Hispanic man. Yes, this is sterotyping and discrimination, well deserved.

    1. I regret to say that three generations in the U.S. and not even speaking Spanish does not cause this syndrome to disappear.

  1. Correct: not all. I am trying to figure out what the factors are that make some this way and others not. I never have this problem with them when I am actually in Hispanic countries, so I don’t know whether it’s also a function of them being away from home (and thus away from mothers and seeking other mothers). I suspect this may be the case.

    But I think there’s also a class element to it, because of the class characteristics of the fussy lady who goes into the mix. Yet if it’s class, I’m not sure what class, so maybe it isn’t class. The fussy lady is entitled yet frustrated due to oppression. The fractious adolescent is mega entitled. The combination of entitlement plus victimhood is really lethal. This is as much as I can articulate so far and I don’t know how accurate it is.

  2. So far they have actually tended to like me a lot. They test me and spar with me early on in class and I show I’m smarter and can answer their questions and occasionally make them feel dumb for challenging. (I teach tough math classes.) That seems to get me out of the maternal role in their minds. I have some other female colleagues who have it much worse with the same guys.

  3. Yes, as students they’re fine – great. I’m talking about instructors, assistant professors, and faculty spouses. People of whom one is supposed to be supportive, but over whom one does not have the power of being their professor.

    When I was their peer, it was all in good fun. Now the same category of people (white male Hispanic instructors, assistant professors and faculty spouses) want me to be their patron and matron, and it is more wearing.

    The discourse starts this way:
    1. I am a poor, lost foreigner, I do not understand this land. Can you, who are bicultural, explain it?
    2. I am a poor, oppressed untenured faculty member. Can you join me in war against other faculty members?
    3. I am a poor, oppressed faculty spouse. Can you join me in sabotaging my wife’s career in this incomprehensible land?

    They don’t realize I’ve heard all this before, for years, and I know what comes next. I am sorry those who suffer, but these guys use their suffering as a weapon of mass destruction.

  4. Well, they’re fine in my classes after the first couple of weeks, but not so great in the classes of some of my female colleagues, particularly the ones who teach less technical classes.

    Haven’t had the experience with colleagues because there are very few Hispanic professors at the school or really in my field at all.

  5. I’m in Comp Lit and Lat Am Studies, but my tenure line is in Spanish and I’m half Mexican and from SoCal. I’ve spent a lot of time living in Spain and South America.

    I teach language, literature, literary theory, cultural theory, film and film theory. I’ve come to the conclusion that these are technical subjects. Perhaps that is why I don’t get flak.

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