One of the great administrative changes that has taken place is that in my main department, my subgroup is no longer required to come to concensus on each thing any individual wants to do before the faculty at large and the chair will consider approving it. For years this had been the bottleneck, designed to … More Señoritos

On retirement

I think it was Marc Bosquet who pointed out that even if tenured faculty don’t work the way pretenured ones do, you have to consider that tenure is a sort of pension for people who before it, worked for the university for almost nothing during up to ten years of graduate school, and then for … More On retirement

Los republicanos

Here are hilarious clips from the Republican presidential debate, courtesy of Hattie. They did not let Republican candidate Buddy Roemer into this debate. And Roemer, as it turns out, helped to occupy Wall Street. Axé.

Paul Robeson

Our friend Anthony Dubovsky sent this song (above), one we have sung before, and this picture (below) I had not seen before of Paul Robeson singing to and with workers at Moore Shipyard in Oakland, California, in September, 1942. Here is some more biographical information on Paul Robeson. People say Occupy looks like various things … More Paul Robeson

Edur Velasco

A Mexican professor of U.S. labor history is on a hunger strike to bring attention to inequality in Mexico. The Mexican minimum wage is $.40 per hour. He discusses Occupy as an educational movement. “Ser cultos para ser libres.” Axé.