You have to read this on the origins of Occupy Wall Street, it is truly marvelous. See also this video of Occupied Barcelona: Katharine Ainger discusses the election in Spain. The indignados took the risk of letting the PP win. Am I right in my impression that they can afford this risk in a way … More Pre-Occupied

S. 1867

Here is a synopsis of SECTION 2031 of the bill to be voted on Monday or Tuesday by the United States Senate: It “affirms … the authority of the President … to detain covered persons (persons “who planned, authorized, committed, or aided the [9/11] attacks, or harbored those responsible” OR persons who were “a part … More S. 1867

Coco Robichaux

R.I.P. While Robichaux was dying in an ambulance last night and they fêted his life in the Marigny, I was uptown trying to recover from the discourses of my friend’s husband – an insufferable person; I would rather have been walking with Coco, so let’s do it now. Axé.

From Michael Moore

You know, it’s enough right now that this movement just—first of all, it’s already had some important victories. It has alleviated despair in this country. It has—it has killed apathy. It has changed the conversation in a profound way. Seven, eight weeks ago, all we were listening to was about the debt ceiling and the … More From Michael Moore

Linda Katehi

This is a semi-authorized guest post by Northern Gaijin, using his comments on another post here. A friend of mine sent me this link claiming that UC Davis chancellor “Chemical” Linda Katehi, whose crackdown on peaceful university students shocked America, played a role in allowing Greece security forces to raid university campuses for the first … More Linda Katehi

Occupy Gainesville

“I feel for the first time my voice is actually being heard,” Speanburgh says of Occupy Gainesville. “I never really felt like I could speak out and say these things. It took forever for people to say, ‘Wait a minute, this is freakin’ wrong.’ And it really, it made me feel good about myself that … More Occupy Gainesville

Deep Events

In the twenty-four hours between Bobby [Kennedy’s shooting and his death, Congress hurriedly passed a statute— drafted well in advance (like the Tonkin Gulf Resolution of 1964 and the Patriot Act of 2001) — that still further augmented the secret powers given to the Secret Service in the name of protecting presidential candidates.32 This was … More Deep Events