Why students do not study

30 hours of work and 21 hours of class,  is already 51 hours. Add two commutes. Compare to what we used to do: 15 hours of class, no work and no commute. Still we did not have time for many evenings or weekend days off from studying.


2 thoughts on “Why students do not study

  1. I don’t know. There was never a moment in my life where I was a student and didn’t work at least 2 (more often up to 4) part-time jobs. And I had first an unemployed husband and then a teenage kid to take care of the entire time I was a student. And somehow none of this prevented me from being a straight-A student and working extremely hard at school.

  2. I’m not sure what it is. The time factor here – 30 hours work plus 21 hours in classes plus commutes – means you would have to be in a position to keep from getting too drained to think straight, which is what I think happens to my students.

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