A definition of narcissism

My understanding is this: with narcissism the core problem is that no solid identity actually formed inside of the person. So instead they make up who they would like to be in their head and then write a script for themselves for how they are supposed to act and how others are supposed to act towards them. Basically they simulate being a person, but there is no person inside of them. When they are exposed and it becomes obvious there is no one inside they react with either shame or rage.


2 thoughts on “A definition of narcissism

  1. That’s a pretty good summation of narcissistic personality disorder. The general problem in all personality disorders is lack of ego identity, which some people state may be due to over-engagement or under-engagement with parents during early childhood. This is why there is what’s called “family systems therapy,” which focuses on the fact that anyone with this kind of disorder has a system in place involving other people that supports the disorder. And, oddly enough, the other people involved in the system define themselves by the person with the disorder (Karpman’s triangle).

  2. Yes indeed – this is more or less what I figured out too, after some serious observation!

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