Hong Kong (and Angkor Wat)

The films of Wong Kar-Wai are convincing me I would really like Hong Kong, but I have discovered that In the Mood for Love was actually shot in Bangkok. I will go there too, then. I like music in this film, and the accents.


7 thoughts on “Hong Kong (and Angkor Wat)

  1. “What Wong Kar-wai does for an hour and a half is to butter up his audience for two or three levels of mood play: a mood for love, to begin with; but even more substantially, a mood for nostalgia, and a mood for melodrama”.

    I am in the mood for love but not for nostalgia and melodrama. Life itself has a lot of nostalgia and melodrama on her own. Adding more of those by going to the movie doesn’t appeal to me. I’d rather go to Hong Kong and LIVE there if I could!

  2. I love comedy, especially rosy comedy. I still remember when we students used to make fun of our professors, one of them being Federico M Zaragoza and one of my colleagues interpreted her love for Biochemistry….
    She sang,

    es el chico que fascina
    que cautiva a las bambinas
    eso sí que es un gachón,
    no expliques más los enzimas
    mándanos bellas bambinas,
    eso me entusiasma más,

  3. How funny!. I just happened to turn on the ctk tv channel and it is just playing the movie “In the mood for…”. I’ll watch it and see what it has to say

  4. As it turns out, it has been challenging to watch both the movie and the US-Spain basketball game. These 2 teams are playing wonderfully. Anyway, the movie is over and I must say that it is a beautifully done movie and lovely story. Of course, my brain is getting old and forgetful but I seem to vaguely remember to have seen live the premier of another movie with virtually identical story. But in the latter case the roles were inverted and, as it is almost always the case, the woman was the one to get screwed.

    Our guys are, it seems, finally beating the Spaniards and I must go now since I have been invited to watch “L’histoire d’Adéle H” by François Truffaut. My sister & girlfriend impatiently waiting to start the video. Oh well, this is like a Sunday movie’s day…

    1. Hi carlos,

      My TGIF today would be one totally dedicated to movies. Look, I’ll watch

      1. Le dernier métro ( France, F Truffaut)
      2. The Bang Bang Club ( Canada, Steven Silver)
      3. Gente di Roma (Italy, E Scola).

      What I like most is that all of them are in their original language. I feel deceived whenever I see a dubbed movie. It isn’t the same. So, have a nice wekend.

  5. This sounds like fun!!! I have housework. Need to watch more movies, read more novels, spend some outright lazy days.

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