Maestra. On left and right professors. Danzar al bel suon, raddoppiando l’armonia.

My classes are brilliant, you just do not know. Only today we were reviewing the precise differences between Hitler and Mussolini and their contributions, or not, to peronismo. We saw archival footage of the speech of 17 October 1945. Next we invited Poetry, with a capital P, into America along with Andrés Bello, and discussed the springlike connotations of the word zephyr.

Before you knew it we were on a pyramid in Mexico, having Romantic longings and diagnosing the Creole sentiments of another poet, as we speculated on the possible meanings Eric Hobsbawm and Simón Bolívar, among others, might give to this. Later with Carlos Diegues we considered the possible meanings of modernization for the present century. Nadie negará la belleza de lo que vimos – de las 9.30 a las 18.30 CST, por si piensen que no estamos trabajando, putaquepariu.

I had never had occasion to quote one of this weblog’s ghost authors, Claudio Monteverdi, in class before, so some students, covered with papers, will sing:

My student said she finally understood both of her classes in my main department.

Student: You and [conservative] Professor X are just alike!

Professor Zero: Yes?

Student: Yes! You both believe books contain not only stories, but ideas.

Professor Zero: Yes.

Student: You both furthermore believe that a single book may contain several ideas; and that these ideas do not necessarily harmonize with one another!

Professor Zero: Yes.


One thought on “Maestra. On left and right professors. Danzar al bel suon, raddoppiando l’armonia.

  1. Cuando llegues a Madrid
    Professor Z…..
    voy a hacerte Emperador de Lavapiés
    y a alfombrarte de claveles la Gran Via
    y a bañarte con vinillo de Jérez……

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