Alcides Arguedas

I am reading on Alcides Arguedas, about whom I knew relatively little. I learned the most amazing thing I have learned all semester: he thought that through education, the Indians of Bolivia could be transformed into Swedes!

This is something like Macunaíma, bathing in the magic pool and turning into a beautiful, white prince.


Another thing about A. Arguedas: he was mixed but insisted on being seen as biracial, not mestizo. Why: because mestizaje is the degeneration of races over time, whereas biraciality is the synthesis of two pure races. Those are not his words but this is essentially what it comes down to.

I am fascinated just in general, but also because I wonder how many current people like the term “biracial” for that reason.


One thought on “Alcides Arguedas

  1. That is fascinating. I believe that brown people want to differentiate themselves from black people and want to keep them at the bottom of the color caste system in something like the Latin American race system.

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