I was doing some work last night involving the musician in question (F. J.) and it was very interesting. I do not have time to describe the whole event and all of its aspects, which were many and deep. I do want to note one small perception so I do not forget: as a performer, Flaco Jiménez seemed like Louis Armstrong, actually shy but knowing that certain gestures please.

There are certain facial expressions he has which may just be his, but I have seen him do them exactly the same way when he was much younger and had an entirely different face. Is that just what he does, I wondered, or does he now feel he absolutely must – the way Armstrong had to flash that smile?

The other interesting thing was seeing what it was like to be really inside the rock and roll world. It is its own planet and they are in mode all the time. For example, F. J.´s first question to me was: «Are you based here?»


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