California forever.

Dear Administration,

Everything you have heard about me, namely that I am a devil from the University of California, is true. That sturdy Golden Bear, whose football games I disdained back in the day, watches me from the sky even now.

If you give me the faculty I want from this campus, I can recruit students from anywhere, including Columbia and Harvard, without shame. If you do not, then I cannot, and I will lose interest in your proposed program which is marked for failure anyway, at least if it remains in the larval form you have assigned it.

I will cultivate my garden which has more potential than your garden could dream of having, anyway.


3 thoughts on “California forever.

  1. Nice bear to relate to. Glad that you post it in the morning because I can see every detail. In the evening though I have difficulties seeing and writing. It seems that my eyes are better adapted to the daylight.

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