On research skills

«I am an appropriate hire because my degree granting institution is not far away. I know where the books I need are, and I have access to them. People from further away will be cut off from the books whose locations their professors showed them, and will thus be unable to do research.»

A Ph.D. said that. I am still not over it.


4 thoughts on “On research skills

  1. Yes, a damned shame.

    With same person:

    Me: I want to introduce to you my new hire, he is in field related to yours and interested in working in the part of the archives you like; he might be someone you want to work with on the journal, too.

    Person: Surely. I will show him where the archives are and in what part of them the documents he probably wants are.

    Me: I think he already knows those things.

    Person: Then why does he need to talk to me?

    Me: I suppose he does not need to.

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