Mi texana

I am NOT going to northern Mexico but I appear to believe I am, as I keep singing norteñas. These are the Pingüinos del Norte, who are classic.

We are going out tomorrow, in the country in the night, and this is my life.



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7 responses to “Mi texana

  1. El otro Sur

    Este es el Sur, hermano de ese Norte querido de Méjico

  2. carlos

    Faces and aspects del otro Sur. Nice

  3. Z

    Here´s where I´m really going:

  4. Veronica

    Yes, el Sur is nice. And since there is no perfection in this world, there is a part of it that I dislike very much. It is the culture of assets’s inheritance, money etc that breaks apart families… In the end, everyone wants to suck but not to assume any responsibility. I dislike it so much that I am prepared to say goodbye to this culture of ‘El Sur”.

  5. Z

    I do see your point on that.

  6. carlos

    volume down pls

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