What did one do today that cost money?

Cab from airport 200
Tip 15
Newspaper 10
Various coffees and mineral waters 90
Lunch 60
Buses 25
Entry to fair 45

This is 455 which, divided by 13, makes 35, when my spending goal is 20 or 260, depending on which currency one is thinking in, so one can see that it was the cab which did it. Normally, however, I will not be riding cabs from airports, so congratulations to me for otherwise hitting so close, so naturally … although I must say, there may often be things like groceries that cost 200, so perhaps my spending limit is unrealistic. I may make it 455.


2 thoughts on “What did one do today that cost money?

  1. Breakfast costs real money but then is the only meal I don´t try really hard to save on. That is why it is good to have it at home.

    Today it cost 82 which, divided by 13, is 7.

  2. (Really there are 7 pesos to the dollar which makes the dividing factor more like 14 … but I bought these pesos for 13 and later on, there will be ATM and credit card charges and things like that.)

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