No he terminado de estar aquí

Work on computer files
Call my T.A.
Follow up on my denied grant
Finish site for that Cultural Studies course
Make plans for New Orleans and Austin
Work on fiction Started, keep going
I must also work on paper correspondence
Update membership in professional societies
Do academic work
Continue acquiring films for course (see this book) Films with subtitles are as expensive as at home so I will buy from there. I must remember to do this, start doing it as soon as I get home.
Work out
Do home repair and garden work

Set up Fall courses
Do academic work
Go to Austin and read their library
Entertain those Cypriots
Finally get to the mending

Investigate Instituto de Investigaciones Filológicas.
Investigate Casa Citaltéptl Stellar, must return constantly.
Try to find those two writers half done, and I am leaving the other to chance or next year, when I will also seriously go to readingsand I got hold of some different people, but I want more, more, I am still not satisfied.
Do more academic work and go to more galleries generally.
Go to the experimental ceramics workshop and apply to join as a student.
Wander around more in Sta. María La Ribera.
Participate in Sunday’s municipal bicycle ride (assuming I can get hold of a bicycle to use).
Go to the current gallery shows downtown, including at Antiguo Colegio de San Ildefonso. 
Visit Tlaxcala, perhaps on a weekend, and Taxco, perhaps on a weekday.
Visit some of the fancier branches of the Librería Porrúa – the matriz on Rep. Argentina, for instance, and the branch by the Colegio Nacional.
Seriously browse the FCE bookstores.
Go to the Casa del Poeta and all the theatres.


7 thoughts on “No he terminado de estar aquí

  1. If I were not trying to remain nominally pseudonymous, I would reveal the link to my real life blog for the students, with explicit instructions on how to live, study, and do research in Mexico City. It really is very good and information packed, and you will not get these instructions, or links, in any guidebook.

    I am glad a busy and efficient person thinks this is a lot. I will keep it in mind and make sure not to take on anything more.

  2. Do you work out at the gym?. I do when I am not traveling and today I got there (20 min walk) to realize I had forgotten the master key to access the gym and all the facilities. As we say in our mother tongue: “Aquel que no tiene cabeza tiene que tener pies”. WTH!. Now, I am starting the day all over again!.

  3. Traveller – yes, and I am apt to do things like forget keys, too.

    Hattie – !De nada! Look at it now, it is yet better.

  4. Well, Forgetful Lucy, in spite of her forgetfulness, didn’t have a bad day after all. She didn’t come back home for lunch because she had a hair appointment and stayed at a local restaurant, “La Fabrica 1903”, located in Plaza Fuente del OLivo across the Torre Marmuerta ( a tower part of the medieval city wall). When I asked what she had, this is the answer,

    T- Oh, I had the appetizer with beer at the terrace’s restaurant
    SO- At the terrace’s restaurant at 111 Farenheit ????, Are you crazy ??
    T- It felt nice since I had just swum at the outdoor pool for 25 minutes and had a long cold shower. And when the entrée was ready the maitre asked me to come in the restaurant. Want to know what I had?
    – Beer and tosta con jamón y huevo de codorniz (appetizer) 3.95
    – Salmón con crema de bogavante on a bed of patatas al perejil 9.95
    – Coffee 1.25
    SO- Nice, so at what time was your hair
    T- I got there at 5 pm sharp. That was my appt time. And you know what?
    I saved a lot of money. I only had color and washing. No blow-out since I am going to be going to the gym and the pool every day (30 includes tip).

    She got home at 7.30 p.m. and dinner was ready (No cost). I thought I had married an expensive wife… Nothing further from the truth!. We had dinner.
    She felt tired because of the “stressful” day and I did too since it was a lonely day.. So this is the end of a day in the life of Forgetful Lucy

  5. Sorry Z, I intended to place another song. I mistakenly placed the one from Sabina. This is the one I wanted:

    John Coltrane my one and only love
    Please, change it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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