I am leaving in the morning

…and will be in Houston by the time you read this. And I got a lot done, but not as much as I wanted to, and I have really only started. I am up for a month’s stay, or so, in the United States. I have two rides home from the airport, three phone calls to make when I get there, an appointment and a class Monday morning, and a social event Tuesday night. Wednesday is a holiday, and on the weekend I expect to go to New Orleans. It is a whole life set up I have there. But I will be in the foreign land longer than a month. I would feel a lot better if I had a return ticket for August.

Here is an interesting apartment to rent short term, although I am sure one can do still better. Here is an interesting one to buy. The listings will go away but I want to remember the websites.

«Cuando mires que me voy / rogarás por mí al Creador / y me mandas un suspiro de amor / Porque sabes que yo soy / ángeles que manda Dios / a que cuiden a tu amor que se fue.»


10 thoughts on “I am leaving in the morning

  1. Gracias all … I got here … and I am in culture shock, obsessed with flight schedules to get back!

  2. I get cranky when the moon is full,
    I get cranky when the moon is full,

    Carolina Herrera Fragrance! Ad on TV in the middle of intense car honking and exhilarating, exultant people…. You guess where I am now!

  3. Nope, in London dealing with crazy Spaniards celebrating their soccer championship!

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