Semites of Mexico City

Of course I knew I was renting from an Arab-Mexican, but now I have noticed that my laundry shop is not only Arab-Mexican, but outright Islamic. Then I strongly suspect my tailor, Abraham Pérez, of Judaism, and now, near his shop, I bought a glass of carrot juice from a very Mexican style, if light skinned (for this far south) man whose name turned out to be Leo Schwartzman Katz. I am beginning to have the impression that there are certain streets, or perhaps even just blocks, that correspond heavily to nationalities and religions. Do you know anything about this?


One thought on “Semites of Mexico City

  1. Funny, I went to a Canada day celebration in Richmond B.C. and the overwhelming majority of the crowd were Asian. They were all doing Canadian things like being polite standing in line and recycling their
    trash. There were lots of Asian women with white boyfriends and kids, and many extended families with grandparents down to infants. Most older Canadians cultivate a rigid obliviosness to this phenomenon.

    Posting from my kindle hence typos etc.

    The era of independent individualists is over.

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