Short story noir II

There is a character in the story I would like to interview so as to understand. I do not understand her or identify in any way but I would like to understand, to be able to see the world from her view. I want to find other literary characters like this.

It is a person who has risen out of poverty but misses it. I do not know whether she romanticizes it — that is easy to say. I think what she misses is the real thing, not the financial struggle but the rough people and circumstances, certain cultural things that went with it in her region.

It is perhaps because she was young then and the pleasures of youth are associated with this environment; that is the rational answer I have now but what I want to know is, how does it feel to miss the things she misses?


2 thoughts on “Short story noir II

  1. Could it be a kind of freedom? Being unprogrammed, not self conscious? I saw it all around me living in a poor white area in Sharp Park (now part of Pacifica), on the Coastside south of San Francisco.

    Marge Piercy captures some of this in her work. She invented herself and got out, but her experiences of being poor, neglected but free made her who she is.

  2. That is very interesting. I should read Piercy. I think my character might say that is what it is, yes indeed.

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