That Republican Look

The casual summer outfit for Republican and oilfield women involves red toenail polish, flip-flops, waxed legs from a tanning salon, shorts, and hair burnished to gold via highlighting. Is this the fashion in your region, or is it just here?


9 thoughts on “That Republican Look

  1. No. I was out downtown today around the arty district of Toronto in socialist Canukistan and it’s the same outfit. Maybe they’re visiting.

    1. This is definitely not the fashion for my region. The last time I saw red nail polish I was out of state.

      As to what Republican women wear here it depends on social class. In NH in summer the richies have the Ann Romney look, but slightly more relaxed and a bit more “sporty.” And yes, horrid ‘tasteful’ blonde dye jobs, like an army of Stepford wives. I cannot really say about anyone else except that for a few lapsed hippies and overeager teens we’re rather “butch” up north–tshirt and jean bottoms, is my guess.

      1. “horrid ‘tasteful’ blonde dye jobs, like an army of Stepford wives”

        Good phrase.

      2. Well I was not aiming for it, but thank you.

        And my last sentence does not make sense, unfortunately. It should read “…except that other than a few lapsed…”

    1. Flowy “Mexican” or “ethnic” blouses, skirts, scarves. Not all of them dress like this but there is still a contingent, perhaps three percent or so.

  2. Oh, right. That stuff makes them look white. “Huipil Woman” is a type I have identified … Birkenstocks, denim skirt, huipil.

  3. I live in Atlanta, so yes, the uniform is the same. I tend to forget they exist as these women do not work, or, typically, walk their dogs in my park. I went to a baseball game last week and saw hundreds of them around me there.

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