Fine Linens

Now that I have been paid, I will buy two standard shams of this type, spending $110. A lot of money, you say, but I run a miniature hotel and these shams hold up well for decades — in fact they become more, not less beautiful. I need another top sheet, too, as one of the two I bought 15 years ago is starting to fray and is not quite right for a hostelry.

I want towels, too, in a cotton and linen subtle stripe or check; these are not easy to find.


12 thoughts on “Fine Linens

  1. Excellent purchase! I remember my girlfriend used to buy all fine linen on sale at Bloomingdale’s. Her linen was wonderful.

  2. I definitely find bloomingdale’s one of the best places in the world for bath and bedding. I wouldn’t tell you to buy at regular prices but place yourself on the e-mail list and wait for them to tell you when sales are coming. You’ll find wonderful items at reasonable prices. And quality is such that they last almost forever.

  3. These are the Danish style ones of my youth and it is my decision to have them, precisely. They are amazing to sleep in!

  4. Ah, but not these, and that is the genius of it all! I do not think the Danish ones took ironing … actually I remember what we did, we pulled them straight, between two people, right off the clothesline, and this was how it was done.

  5. Recordatorio — I need two more of those top sheets, although I cannot buy them now. I will eventually need duvet covers, too; everything is getting old.

  6. Fine linens are wonderful when you’re ready to use them. But if you need to do renovations and the contractor-architect tells that 3 months are needed to start (permits, bureaucracy, etc.) plus 4 months of actual work, you forget about fine linens. It may well be that when your home is ready to move in somebody has invented “Mars linens” and you want to have those.

  7. Good luck, Joan! Having work done on your house is very stressful. I guess not doing it and worrying about that is even more stressful, but doing it or having it done is still very stressful.

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