Des désirs pour le weekend

What I want: this table, running shoes, SmartWool socks, and those linen towels we discussed before.

What I will actually try to get: an electrician.

UPDATE: Electrician is scheduled, shoes and socks are bought, and housewares remain under consideration.


14 thoughts on “Des désirs pour le weekend

  1. Well,
    What I want is to be with my hubby who is in a long business trip to China but I can’t.
    What I will actually do this weekend is to watch a few movies as to send away my melancholia.
    Life without hubby is actually no life.

    1. Well, join the club. Mine is still sleeping a huge hangover!. But he is with me in his way.

  2. Wiring! Such an issue. Such a headache!
    That table is nice but seems expensive for what it is. But you know I think of money in 50’s terms!

    1. I forgot, I also want a stool and a full length mirror.

      Table, $100, it is a steal. The other option is a set with 4 chairs, for $300. Cost of patio furniture is high … normally for $100 the best you can do is a rickety, uncomfortable plastic bistro set!!!

      All of this is unless you find it used somehow.

    2. P.S. — I saw a picture of Obama sitting on a chair in the Oval Office Patio, it seems to be the kind they have at my grocery store … the cheapest decently made thing there is. They are $100 apiece if you buy open stock, and a set of 4 chairs with 41″ diameter matching table is $300.

  3. We do have a nice large glass topped table, but the base is disintegrating. Our chairs are plastic. What with our rust situation, we don’t try for fancy outdoor furniture, nor do our neighbors.

    We got a very good table and comfortable chairs in painted aluminum and plastic wicker for our daughter as a housewarming present. The set is like the ones used in Paris sidewalk cafes.

    1. So where did you find them? Today I saw that there are plastic chairs at Home Depot for $8 but they are really uncomfortable and junky. There are bad bistro sets at Albertson’s for $200, utterly not worth it, and a nice set at a garden store with four chairs, made of some Trexlike material, for $900. The 1930s Paris cafe chairs, Trolix, aren’t what you got … so where did you get yours, I will check it?!

      This is the table people typically settle on here, for lots of reasons, although I would rather have a white one.|1&pl=1&currentURL=%3FNs%3Dp_product_qty_sales_dollar|1&facetInfo=

      Lowe’s seems to have a lot of options, I should look at them in person.

  4. And Lowe’s has a steel white one with a glass top, for $50! This could be good! I think my parents have this table, and I will have to figure out whether that is fun or not.

      1. Yes, we’ll get around by vesping our Vespa almost the whole year.

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