Coda on obedience

You have to obey, obey, obey, do exactly as you are told, because we know the method and we also know the culture and we are sure that only if you obey, obey, obey, will you not be tossed out in the street. The idea was always to learn to obey better, and if you had any problems it was because you needed to learn to obey still better.

If you look at my vita, you will see the results of having followed those instructions and I have really had it with professors and their endless repetition of basic and standard academic advice, everything is always your fault because you did not follow instructions closely enough.

This repeated statement is so intellectually and pedagogically lazy, it is a shame. It and its proponents are incredibly uninformed and wrong.

I repeat, all you Fascists bound to lose. You are complicit in the destruction of higher education as well, and when the system finishes being dismantled around that head you have so firmly buried in sand, you will deserve it if you are crushed under the debris.


2 thoughts on “Coda on obedience

  1. No time for long comments but taking it all in. But cheer up. It’s only very recently that I learned that everything was not my fault.

  2. I am not un-cheered up, I am actually in a very good mood! But I am going to écraser a few fascists who are bound to lose.

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