Coda on advice and its sources II

Colleague: Only you did not lie to me or misrepresent anything at my interview. Z: None of us lied, or intended to misrepresent anything. It is only that I know what it is like where you are from, and also where you studied, and I am not from here either, although I have been here some time. All of this means I was able translate for you, as it were.

I appear to have super-knowledge, on the one hand, but I am also impaired.

“Only do things that will help you move up and out.”
– Yes, but I must first create conditions in which I can do such things. (The advice is not made for this situation.)

It takes me such a long time to process things, perhaps because of having heard the advice so desperately, so many times, while everything that was actually done indicated that the advice was only official, or that the conditions in which it might be applied are only tenuously present.

“Why don’t you do this?”
– It is not within my power.
– The decision is not mine to make.
– Yes, I know things are different where you are.

That is all true but I have more power than I believe.


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