How do academics get alienated from their work?

The answer to this question is easy. If they say research is not part of your job description it is not too bad. You can do research as your hobby and even keep a lot of it off the version of your vita you give them.

If they say research is part of your job description but to get along you had better not do it, and we are going to ask you to direct your effort elsewhere or similar things and you can move, that is fine.

But if not, erosion happens. I find that a difficult situation to work in, in part because I am not wired for ambivalence and in part because I do need moral support.

I have been alienated from work at different times for all kinds of reasons but I think it is worth repeating that alienated from work does not just mean from research.

What else are you not getting done? is the question I ask stalled dissertators. The assumption people make is that they are filling their days with other activities and need to cut down on these so as to make time. This is not always the case.

It has often seemed to me that I have had to pay for having gone to graduate school with my life, but perhaps not.


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