I woke up this morning realizing that it was a brilliantly clear sunny day and that I was excited to see it. Everything is possible when it is cold and sunny and dry like that. I woke up this morning interested in my field.

Tomorrow is Monday and I will take the car to be looked at early; from there I will go to the office, from whence I will call my roofer. I will look at the files I downloaded from Columbia University and e-mail some people there.

When business hours start in places further from Greenwich than I am, I will return calls to two people. Then I will investigate costs of this which is apparently the best such service in area codes 415, 650 and 707.

I am hoping the car will be finished by then, so I can take it to go work out. Then I will have lunch and pick up groceries.

In the afternoon I will clean house — everyone left this evening, finally, and there are remnants to straighten — and light candles for the new year.

In Brazil on New Year’s eve one wears white and goes down to the beach, to receive the influence of benevolent orixás. I may find some way to do this and it is something to plan to be able to do more literally next year which will always take place, metaphorically speaking, in Jerusalem.

Locally I should go out but I might rather go to the movies, and what I would really like to do is take the day off Tuesday, as a vacation day, and go into town. I could set sail to white flowers in the water, as one would in Rio de Janeiro, and it will be January.

This is going to be a grown up day, possibly my most grown up day ever. It was true about the calendar, I am no longer who I was and I will soon be very different; this weblog is purified now.


5 thoughts on “Sunday

  1. Happy New Year Z!. I did not know you were so close to retirement. I’ll join the club soon. So, please tell us about your experience up there in The Bay.

  2. Where have you been lately, Carlos? Retirement, me, no, my parents, yes.
    I am in Louisiana … et toi?

  3. I am in New Mexico rearranging my cottage. Wife went to Ecuador and not back yet. Miss her a lot. It is going to be a lonely New Year’s Eve but hopefully better times will come soon yet. Happy New Year to you and your parents.

  4. I love this notion of how to celebrate the new year. Beaches, white flowers, white clothing . . . someday I will do this in a suitably warm climate. It would in theory be possible here but I dislike being out in the cold.
    Many good wishes for 2013!

    1. Thank you DEH and also Carlos! Yes, the Brazilian coast is the way to do this holiday, it really is!

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