Z Materialist

Due to being paid tomorrow, and Christmas, and renting the room out for three days I can now acquire:

♦One of those milestone service jobs for the car.
Something like this but with transitional lenses, so I can drive. Cancelled for now in favor of fairly major repair to car, but I think I need them.
Something like this for the renters (real linen lasts a very long time and saves money, gente).
LASA membership renewal.
…which with AAUP and MLA is my third, and there is at least one more to go. I will reunite with the other organizations and journals when I rent the room out for Mardi Gras.
♦A manicure.
♦Rénergie Éclat, which is apparently now the best tinted moisturizer.

I ought to acquire 5 DVDs for class. I still want another pair of Mercer Street Skinny Jeans and the Dansko Nadine. I will resist all of these things, resist.


4 thoughts on “Z Materialist


    List is revised already, unfortunately, but I want dem glasses! And outdoor table, I forgot that! 😉 … I need to be rich or, not to have a house. In the future I will have my large Mexico City studio or something like this, you will see…

  2. The best tinted moisturizer, in my opinion, is Laura Mercier’s.

    For your shoes, do you know 6pm.com? You can find some really cool bargains there.

  3. 6 PM, yes! Mercier, I bought some a while ago and wasn’t that happy with it, maybe I will give it a second chance if I don’t like Rénergie which I have never even touched. Kiehl’s is being discontinued.

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