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→ I am looking for the shortest possible novel or other literary work or interconnected series of works on the Spanish Civil War, ideally published in the 21st century although I will take the late 20th if necessary. So far I have Javier Cercas, Soldados de Salamina (2001) at 204 pages. I do not want to revert to Sender, Requiem por un campesino español (1960) even though it only has 64 pages. I need your help.

I have read a great deal of this book which was recommended me as a way to understand the some people. It makes a few points including that it is odd indeed to grow up with someone who is mentally ill, not to be informed that they are this and to be under their care and thus, their power, that needy people are vampires and that feeding them your blood will never satisfy since they are black holes. Still none of this seemed to be new news and Russo, although he seems quite a nice person, does not seem particularly acute or original in analysis or representation here. More interesting to me was the representation of Gloversville, New York and its devastation in our postindustrial halflife.

Fiction, history, and journalism on the Malvinas War, via Hattie.

I would be fascinated with Johan Struensee whether or not he were as sympathetic personally as Mads Mikkelsen who represents him in the current film. I would be interested in a film that went further into history and politics than does the current, romantic one on his affair with the Queen of Denmark. This would be a dead person to truly interview because he reminds me of BOLIVAR. I would love to use this case to introduce a course on Enlightenment and Romanticism and I am constrained from such since it does not fit my job description. I remember that he was discussed with some vehemence in our family, and I did not know enough at the time to understand what the battle lines were. I wish I could go back and ask.

Before you say numerology does not work, try yours here. It does not allow for birth dates before 1900 so I am foiled for Vallejo. His astrological chart for the 16 March 1892, however, shows the Moon in Scorpio conjunct Uranus and Jupiter conjunct Sun in Pisces. This means he is bathed in feeling at all times, with a propensity to drug abuse, incarceration, and manipulation in bad eras. He emotionally powerful, though, and he “walks in the Spirit,” as it is said. He seeks deep knowledge, transformation in both himself and the world, and peace. That is what I say; here is Robert Pelletier’s version of Pisces Moon/Scorpio Sun. Could this fit Vallejo?

Your nature tends to be hard and selfish, although often you are judged as more unyielding than you really are. Your innermost nature is sensitive and receptive, but you have erected an elaborate system of self-defense. You possess real business ability and the necessary energy to achieve success, if fortune cooperates. Because of your receptive, sensitive individuality, you are often misled into committing actions that you can’t possibly justify. The key to a more harmonious existence lies in concentrating your energies before they have a chance to dissipate. You have an innate capacity for investigation, which could be used to probe into your own psyche and give you the self-understanding you seek.

Two other books I need to study poetry and Vallejo are The Catastrophe of Modernity: Tragedy and the Nation in Latin American Literature, Patrick Dove, 2004, and The Poem on the Edge of the Word: the Limits of Language and the Uses of Silence, D.C. Niebylski, 1993. The number of essential texts I desire to consume and think about is, in sum, staggering and my heart is in my mouth.

It is also on my agenda to engage further with Rolando Pérez, among other interesting new people, on Vallejo and to get them to write more.


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