Arcipreste de Hita

Acercándose viene un tiempo de Dios, santo;
fuime para mi tierra a descansar un cuanto,
de entonces a ocho días era Cuaresma, tanto
que puso por él mundo gran miedo y gran espanto.

I will say that again in Old Spanish soon. I will post messages to two classes this very night. One was thrown off today and lost time because the computer scratched a NEW dvd, destroying it, so they did not see what I thought they would be able to see and can thefore not discuss it. The other is having a very hard time. I have to break things down further for them.

Starting now we have six days without class, for Carnaval, and although I may do something Carnavalesque I am really grading, cutting my hair, and finishing fence paint Friday. I have given up on finding my lost cellular telephone and I will see about buying one. I want recreation that actually recreates me. I want a city or a beach. I want a library with books and people in it.

I must revise the syllabus for one class and update the websites for two more. This is going to be a lot of work and will take three half-days.

I am going to wrestle with my text. I will do it in Scrivener if I cannot stand the lack of double spacing in Lyx. I have over 4,000 words of this text and then I have another abandoned article and some abstracts. I will look at them all and see about melding them all together. I believe I shall first write an abstract, so as to free myself of all old abstracts.

Today I was at work 10:45-6:45, preparing and teaching straight through with a few short breaks. I will think I should go home and work this is impractical; I should go and work out. I want to do research daily, increase research time and decrease service — and decrease hours generally so that I am more refreshed. I am tired and it is the kind of teaching I am doing that has me tired — everyone is struggling, struggling so, with the language and with the fact that we are working with concepts, not simply memorizing facts.

Look how short the hours these four days have been: Monday 6, Tuesday 9, Wednesday 6, Thursday 7, for a half-week of 28 hours. Of this time, how much went to service? About 3 hours. Teaching? About 20 hours. Research? About 5 hours. Total? 28. 20 of 28 is almost 75%. 3 of 28 is about 11%. 5 of 28 is less than 20% so that is where most work in the next three days should go.

There are about 12 hours left in this work week and if I do as would be correct I would take 2 of them to work on teaching tomorrow morning and then all of the other 10 for research Saturday and Sunday. Then on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I can go into heavy teaching preparation mode as well as continue research.

I need to play around with these numbers because I may yet go to some of the Mardi Gras; I may go to New Orleans and Grand Marais, although as I say I want non work time that is not spent being dutiful or looking at local folklore whose appreciation is required here and is thus another duty.

I must also finish writing Christmas cards, some of which will be Easter cards by this point, and do my taxes.

I am spending more time than I should spend on teaching, but I should spend even more if I want good results and good evaluations — and if I want to feel happy with what I am doing, have it go well, feel energized by it as opposed to drained.

You have to give jobs the amount of time they really take and all the exhortations about saving time, getting thinner, using less, and so on are just recommendations about how we can mutilate ourselves, I think.

I want more time to work, not less, and the last thing I want to do is try to run ahead of some slave driver with an alarm clock, the way the efficiency experts seem to do. I also want more time away. I want to have a conversation during which I do not have to translate myself, and I want to do something completely divorced from duty.


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  1. Z

    I looked at things for study abroad so that was one more hour, on service. I stayed up too late in this bad habit I have, that I must either embrace or break.

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