The sensitive eye and ear

Invisibility suggests a hidden dimension, sometimes unknowing or inadvertent but more than likely planned, or at least ordered, structurally arranged, deeply embedded. So, institutionally, it is not that race has been made ‘absent’ but that its presence has been rendered invisible and silenced (save to the sensitive eye and ear), purged of explicit terms of reference. The condition remains even where the terms of characterization and analysis, of condemnation (or for that matter of praise), of address and redress, have been removed. That there are no terms by which to mark it suggests that there is no condition to mark; but it doesn’t rid the social of the condition even where the terms of target have been dimmed or quieted. One is simply reduced to casting about in the silent dark.



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3 responses to “The sensitive eye and ear

  1. Wogglebug

    Very much so. Suzette Haden Elgin wrote about how societies suppress the discussion of certain topics by not having names for any of the issues / phenomena in these topics.

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  3. Z

    She seems interesting for a number of reasons; I should get her book.

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