1) What do you think of going to a conference that would put you out of class for an entire week? The conference is W-F and I would have to travel on the Tuesday, which means missing four weekdays. On the one hand, it is research. On the other, that is a week of class.

2) What do you think of going to a conference when there is no conference money from the university and I do not foresee having the savings to pay for it … which means some of the cost will sit on a card?

♦ The obvious answer is do not go, but the conference is attractive. There is other business I want to do at that university, and I enjoy the town. I do not know what scandalizes me more about this — the money or missing a week of class.

♦ I have not decided, but let me see. If I travel on the weekend I could Skype my Tuesday classes. I could have two of them covered on the Thursday, and give the third one that day off. Have you ever done anything like this?


7 thoughts on “Planning

  1. Some people, with the amount they travel, must be missing class more than I do. I can’t tell you what to do. I miss very little class for travel, but that is the only reason I miss. The skyping sounds like a good idea.

    1. If I do this, it might be what I have to do. There are already no seats on plane T or W — I would have to leave Monday afternoon at the latest, to fly directly to conference city.

      I should more sensibly send this to LASA in Chicago, which is in 2014 so over a year away, and not during school, but the timing is so good for this little thing. I might send abstract and see what happens, decide then.

  2. AHA here is how to do it. Teach all classes Tuesday and then go directly to airport, I can be there at 3:30 and leave for Mex DF at 5:10. Get in 9:24 PM.

    Then either find a way to spend night or, just get to TAPO and bus. This is all more trabajoso, but it is the way to do it without missing class.

    I will just have to see.

  3. Honestly, I’ve never felt guilty canceling classes for traveling. In fact, I’ll cancel a whole week the third week of April. The Civ class will have an assignment to complete. The language class will be very happy that they have a week off. Somehow, the fact that the university is not even paying for it would make me feel even less guilty.

    1. Well, perhaps I will follow your lead. It really is too expensive not to do in a pleasant way, and flights are about 30% cheaper if one stays seven days.

  4. I’d go if I were interested in the subject and knew I would enjoy it.

    But in the spirit of full disclosure, I’m still paying off debt accumulated during high school because of this way of thinking. 🙂

    1. Yes, I learned to think this way when I was about 35 and am paying off debt from it now. On the other hand — if I do not spend $ on the things I want to, it seems that something weird and expensive happens due to my having stayed home. I must find a way to fund this.

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