An academic study of academic advice

…would look at the research university conceived as support of industry, with an emphasis on “productivity.” I am not at all opposed to work and production and I favor more of these and not less, but in this the product gets a distorted emphasis. The student’s putative need for improved study methods is conflated with this exaggerated emphasis on product and what falls by the wayside is research.

I have found the Osorio article I needed and it is very well informed. As I read I feel desperate and envious; he has read so many things carefully and I would like to do the same; I would also like to read his piece carefully, but I am skimming rapidly, looking for the concept I want to cite so as to move my own piece forward.

In this model actual learning can only take place during the periods called “procrastination.” I can procrastinate tonight and seriously consider the content of Osorio’s piece, and it will improve my mind and benefit me later. But it will not drive my shorter term word count up.


Academic advice. They say we need to learn time management, but I say we need to learn obstruction management.


2 thoughts on “An academic study of academic advice

    1. And fear and terror management. I got so many dire warnings about so many dangers in academia that I ended up in fear and shock, especially when it turned out that research success or research orientation was also dangerous due to the envy it can cause. This left me literally with no safe ground. Meanwhile, my colleague who was dropped at 4th year review (I did not see why at the time) seems to have been dropped due to weird uncollegial behavior and acting out that was based on what they thought was paranoia … except, I would not say he was that irrational, I would say he was trying to manage terrorization and isolation.

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