“An athletic organization posing as an academic establishment”

My grandfather and my (great) uncle Dmitri were football fans and Cal fans, but they rooted for Stanford due to scandalous decisions made by the Cal coach in 1928. My father was 4 at the time and did not understand the details of the scandal. The result, however, is that he was taken from Berkeley to Stanford to root for Stanford football throughout the 1930s, while being instructed that the true team was the Bears.

Meanwhile in basketball, the same people were fans of Hank Lucetti at Galileo High School in San Francisco, which my father’s friend Dmitri Mikhailov, son of a student of Rachmaninov, called “Galidago High” as one could in those days. Lucetti then went on to play for Stanford so my father was then taken to Stanford basketball as well — while still being told he should really root for Cal. This is why he experiences cognitive dissonance about the Cal-Stanford rivalry today, he says. He further explains that he has resolved this matter by displacing it to hatred of USC, “an athletic organization masquerading as an academic establishment.”

Ironically, USC now persecutes him by saying on Facebook that he graduated from it, which he would never have deigned to do.


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