On attitudes toward race and poverty in “America”…

Professor Zero: Reading comments on news items I have come up with this insight: the reason people keep complaining about “welfare queens” and also “Obama voters” as non-workers it is costing us all our vacation time to support, and so, on, is SLAVERY.

1. In fact the riches of the US were built on slavery, and people do not want to admit it.
2. They resent abolition … to them, if you are Black you should be back home in those cottonfields.

I am convinced this is what must be behind it, and I would bet that if one did a rhetorical analysis by computer with a large data set, this is what all those remarks about the “welfare class” would decode to.

Comment inspiring comment: Germany doesn’t have the lifetime welfare class that America does, so universal health care and free college are more palatable.  More people pull their weight over there, unlike America where the productive 53% have to work longer to support a good number of Obama voters.

My insight may not be entirely original and I have had a version of it before but the thing is, I saw it so clearly. They want to classify as non-workers the people who work the most, and the people who historically did not get paid for work. It is a 180 degree reversal and projection, especially if one is in the class who benefits from surplus value produced by others.

I have also decided that the justification for fear of Black neighborhoods liberals give, “They might have drugs, and I might be caught in crossfire,” is just fear of Black people.

#Occupy HE.


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