Le Week, encore

In the library I will find Laura Doyle, Bordering on the Body.

Changó, el gran putas, I will read it.

I will listen to voicemail again, and write María Estela.

I will continue reading student work and reorganizing computer files.

I will go to my CSA, take the car in, and see about both New Orleans plans.

I will look at my calendar, go to my gym, and plan a prison visit / catch up on prison correspondence.

I will work on the door and window, and I will prune plants.

I will restart the [Hispanic Review/MLN/MLQ] essay … now with a goal of submission or pre-submission August 9!

I will look back at files to make sure there are not more to-do things I have forgotten. August 1, I want to also start working on office cleaning, file cleaning at home, and syllabi; I have been slow this summer.


2 thoughts on “Le Week, encore

  1. I am enjoying reading your summer 2008 posts, when you were in Peru (is that the sort of leave-immediately summer you meant in comments to the last writing-group post?). I love the idea of buying and restoring an old building, opening a cafe in it, and living upstairs, as you suggested in your 18 August ’08 review of cafes.

    I should make a list like yours, but I think all I am going to do today is swim and watch the Tour de France; today’s stage is the one that climbs Alpe d’Huez twice. I might cook. I might read, later. I am certainly putting off any gardening until Sunday, when the weather is supposed to be somewhat less hot. Ideas and interest in work are doing things in the back of my head, and I am going to let them spin back there until tomorrow morning, after a day of recreation and a night (I hope) of good sleep.

    1. Shocking that that was 5 years ago. I must go back and read. What I did yesterday was write that op-ed, then go to ceramics. And virtually nothing else… 🙂

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