What are research and writing, and what is productivity?

There is an article by Quijano and Wallerstein, Americanity as a concept; or the Americas in the modern world system: “La americanidad y la colonialidad estuvieron íntimamente ligadas desde un principio. La singularidad de América reside en los diversos borramientos que acompañaron la expansión colonial europea: el imaginario territorial indígena, y mucho más.” (Mignolo 2005: 70)

That is about singularity and the question of living among these vestiges. Those are two key discussions in two different papers I am working on now. Therefore, I must remember this.

Meanwhile, a sociologist who is very “productive” says coloniality is an “ideology,” which is “a set of ingrained beliefs that serves a purpose.”

That is to say he is commenting on Mignolo and da Silva without having read them, and discussing ideology without having read, or without having understood Althusser or Gramsci … and a few other sins.

This is interesting since I am about to present at a conference that will be heavy with sociologists, so I need to be very clear … also, it shows why just explaining a couple of difficult concepts is in fact a contribution to the advancement of science.

It also explains why I have to get this book and these articles out, as my old friend the Goose used to say: “Alguien tiene que hacer algo responsable en este mundo degradado.”



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