Presenting papers

I have decided one really does need a PowerPoint or some sort of visual aid on a projector. That cannot be misused, of course, but it is a good idea.

One should read the abstract and explain it, and then on the PowerPoint have an outline of the paper, with a few quotations and images, that one talks through.

Today I read a paper, which I do not normally do because I am usually not finished. I wanted to be finished, and I also wanted to have a text I could work with to judge time exactly … and I was not sure technology would work, so I did not plan to project anything on the wall.

But the papers that communicated best, were of course not read, and they had well-used PowerPoints.

The most interesting paper today was from a biologist, on how a genome project in Mexico, funded by Coca-Cola, is isolating a (single) Native American gene that would, putatively, be particularly vulnerable to diabetes.



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